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I'm all jazzed up about cheese!!!!!
That's right, you heard me......cheese!!!!
Mother Nature's very own semi-moist dairy product.
Drop it and it doesn't shatter, kick it and it doesn't shout.
And I'm jazzed, like a cephalopod on Christmas morning!!!!
And did you know that today's scientists, with all their bio-engineering and their alchemy, can make cheese out cesium and duct tape. But they don't have to because they got cows doing the same thing in laboratories all over the world for half the pay.
And did I mention that cheese is quasi-luminous???
Well it is!!!!
And after 27 straight hours of staring into its healthy glow, I tend to get all jazzed up.
All jazzed up about cheese!!!!!
And if cheese were a kite could you fly it?
And if cheese were a piano, could you get some blind guy play it?
And if cheese were a tuba, do you think you could throw it off the Empire State Building?
Why am I asking all these questions?
Because I am jazzed!!!!!
All jazzed up about cheese!!!!


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